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[wool blanket heavy] Can make a unique gift for anyone. Our custom blankets are available in wool, velvet, and other materials.

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100% Pure Soft Wool Blanket – Thick & Heavy Brown ...3HLinen Inc. ei5075.com › products › brown-sheep-wool-bla...3HLinen Inc. › products › brown-sheep-wool-bla...3HLinen Inc. › products › brown-sheep-wool-bla...MAIN FEATURES: - content: 100% soft wool, heavy and thick (1.1 lb.) - it is made of sheep wool - provides exceptional warmth · SIZE: 55'x79' throw blanket · COLOR ...Rating: 51 review$199.002–9 day deliveryFree 14-day returnsIn stock

$174.00$249The Company StoreThe Company Store, 3+ Free by 6/64.3(18)4.3(18)$279.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 4+ Free delivery4.9(53)4.9(53)$128.96$215Etsy - ChunkyWoolStudioEtsy - ChunkyWoolStudio Free deliverySmall business4.0(1)4.0(1)$174.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 5+ Free delivery5.0(13)5.0(13)$75.00 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 2+ Free delivery4.7(17)4.7(17)

Alpaca Wool Thick Military Banderita Blanket - Queen SizeAlpaca Warehouse ei5075.com › alpaca-wool-thick-militar...Alpaca Warehouse › alpaca-wool-thick-militar...Alpaca Warehouse › alpaca-wool-thick-militar...Beautifully made, this gorgeous alpaca blanket is thick, soft and warm. Perfect for a queen size bed. It has a very nice, special color. This is a heavy blanket ...Rating: 528 reviews14-day returns

SE 51'x 80' Multipurpose Gray Wool Blanket - 50% ... ei5075.com ei5075.com › SE-BI51802GR-2-lb-Blank... ei5075.com › SE-BI51802GR-2-lb-Blank... ei5075.com › SE-BI51802GR-2-lb-Blank...Weight: 2 lbs. ... This multipurpose blanket can be used as ground cover, shelter, padding, as a protective shield from the elements. ... Our wool blanket is great ...Rating: 4.2574 reviews$21.99$5.99 delivery30-day returnsIn stock

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Collection: - Heavyweight Wool BlanketsLuvian Woollens ei5075.com › collections › heavyweight-...Luvian Woollens › collections › heavyweight-...Luvian Woollens › collections › heavyweight-...100% heavy wool blankets throws for sale. Our thick and warm natural wool blankets are are also suitable for camping and outdoor use.€125 to €140€40 4–12 day delivery14-day returns

Arcturus 100% Virgin Wool Blanket - Queen Size (78' x 96')Arcturus Gear ei5075.com › products › arcturus-100-virgin...Arcturus Gear › products › arcturus-100-virgin...Arcturus Gear › products › arcturus-100-virgin...HEAVY AND WARM - This virgin wool blanket weighs 5 lbs, with a density of 550 GSM (that means nice and thick). This blanket will keep you warm, period.Rating: 529 reviews$89.99Free 3–6 day delivery30-day returnsIn stock

$153.00Home of WoolHome of Wool Free delivery$147.99$160 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 1+ Free delivery5.0(1)5.0(1)$189.00PendletonPendleton, 10+ Free by 6/134.8(195)4.8(195)$21.95Army Navy OutdoorsArmy Navy Outdoors, 5+ Free $100+4.3(32)4.3(32)$129.30Etsy - ChunkyWoolStudioEtsy - ChunkyWoolStudio Free deliverySmall business4.7(115)4.7(115)$39.99Walmart - Arcturus Camo LLCWalmart - Arcturus Camo LLC, 10+ Free delivery4.9(411)4.9(411)$64.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 10+ Free delivery$59.99West PathWest Path Free by 6/6Small business$42.95Army Navy OutdoorsArmy Navy Outdoors, 10+ Free $100+4.2(44)4.2(44)$155.90Etsy - ChunkyWoolStudioEtsy - ChunkyWoolStudio Free deliverySmall business

Frontier Wool BlanketFaribault Mill ei5075.com › products › frontier-bla...Faribault Mill › products › frontier-bla...Faribault Mill › products › frontier-bla...For over 100 years, our heavyweight Frontier Bed Blanket has been a best-seller, loved for its distinctive quality, durability and iconic stripe pattern.$299.00 to $645.00Free 4-day delivery60-day returnsIn stock

Heavyweight Blankets - Poyet Motte USAPoyet Motte Wool Blankets ei5075.com › collections › heavy...Poyet Motte Wool Blankets › collections › heavy...Poyet Motte Wool Blankets › collections › heavy...CLICK ON IMAGES FOR DETAILS. Poyet Motte Aubisque Reversible 500GSM Heavyweight 100% Wool Blanket, Blue. $141.56. Size. Twin, Full/Queen, King.Free 3–6 day delivery30-day returns

$269.00PendletonPendleton Free by 6/134.6(8)4.6(8)$36.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 10+ Free delivery$67.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller Free delivery5.0(1)5.0(1)$39.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 10+ Free delivery4.9(171)4.9(171)$62.06 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 2+ Free delivery5.0(1)5.0(1)$49.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 1+ Free delivery$39.99Usually $59 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 10+ Free delivery4.5(8)4.5(8)$209.99 ei5075.com ei5075.com5.0(1)5.0(1)$179.00L.L.BeanL.L.Bean, 2+ Free delivery4.6(161)4.6(161)$129.30Etsy - ChunkyWoolStudioEtsy - ChunkyWoolStudio Free deliverySmall business5.0(1)5.0(1)

Nomad Heat Heavy Wool BlanketHome of Wool® ei5075.com › shop › nomad-heat-blanketHome of Wool® › shop › nomad-heat-blanketHome of Wool® › shop › nomad-heat-blanketAn all-natural heavy wool blanket combining ancient nomadic traditions, contemporary design, and durability. 100% temperature regulative wool heat bringing ...Rating: 51 review$153.00Free 14-day delivery7-day returnsIn stock

Striped Alpaca & Wool Queen BlanketAlpaca Warehouse ei5075.com › striped-alpaca-wool-quee...Alpaca Warehouse › striped-alpaca-wool-quee...Alpaca Warehouse › striped-alpaca-wool-quee...Long-Lasting Warmth: When temperatures dip, snuggle up in bed with our heavy wool blanket! Available in queen/full size (87' x 73'), the ultra-thick design ...Rating: 514 votes$148.99$18.80 2-day delivery14-day returnsIn stock

$58.99 ei5075.com - Seller ei5075.com - Seller, 10+5.0(5)5.0(5)$149.00PendletonPendleton, 10+4.9(570)4.9(570)$49.95Army Navy OutdoorsArmy Navy Outdoors5.0(1)5.0(1)$445.00Faribault MillFaribault Mill, 2+4.9(383)4.9(383)$153.00Home of WoolHome of WoolDealsQueen BlanketsMore productsFewer productsMore productsFewer productsMore productsFewer products

Heavy Wool BlanketAmazon ei5075.com › heavy-wool-blanket › k=he...Amazon › heavy-wool-blanket › k=he...Amazon › heavy-wool-blanket › k=he...100% Wool Blanket, 62' x 86', Warm, Thick, Washable, Military Wool Blanket, Great for Camping, Outdoors, Sporting Events, Survival Kits ... This brand is popular ...4.5store rating (4.7K)4.5store rating4.5store rating4.5store rating4.7K$19 to $19930-day returns

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